Central Bank revoked the license at half of forex dealers

The Central Bank revoked the licenses of the five largest forex dealers – these are the Forex Club, Teletrade Group, Alpari Forex, Fix Trade and Trastforex. The reason was “repeated violations of the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation within one year”. Revoked licenses will stop their validity from January 21, 2019. Prior to this time, forex companies must return their property to customers. Nine forex dealers worked in Russia in total. Now there are four companies with licenses left in the register of securities.

In December, ICO startups sold a record 423,800 ETH. The largest withdrawal of funds in the current month was made by Filecoin project – a startup sold 217 thousand ETH. In total, for 2018, the initial placement of tokens “leaked” 1.6 million coins. Their accounts had 4,623,148 ETH in January, today this figure has decreased to 3,052,168 ETH. This adversely affected the cost of air. Over the year, it fell by 83% from $ 756 to $ 125.

WSJ: the SEC has filed more than 90 cases against crypto companies in two years. This November alone, the commission opened five cases, whereas for all of 2017 there were a total of four. At the same time, regulators managed to return only $ 36 million to deceived cryptoinvestors. The exact amount of total losses is unknown, but analysts suggest that it amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Litecoin Foundation will sponsor the UFC title fight. This is a light heavyweight fight between John Jones and Alexander Gustafson in the UFC mixed martial arts tournament. According to the terms of cooperation, the Litecoin logo will be placed on an octagonal ring. According to the Litecoin Foundation, this should increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Until now, no crypto project has become a sponsor of such major events.

Yandex has removed Telegram from the search. The company said that the messenger site could automatically disappear from the search results because of the pages banned by Roskomnadzor. Now the search engine gives the first link to tlgrm.ru when requesting “Telegram”. At the same time, nothing has changed in Google – with a similar request, the correct link to telegram.org comes first.

One of the most talked about topics of the day on Reddit was the news about hacking into the Electrum cryptograph. It is reported that hackers stole more than 200 BTC from users.