Aximetria launched a new generation of service on the basis of a cryptowallet

Swiss Fintech startup with Russian roots Aximetria launched a financial Internet service that combines the stability of European financial institutions with the availability and openness of modern technology companies.

Aximetria’s clients could use cheap and fast cryptocurrency payments, independent data storage solutions, tools for investment in blockchain assets, as well as a payment card connected to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Aximetria’s multi-currency wallet allows the user to buy, store and exchange bitcoins, esters, stable coins, including Stasis EURS, as well as ERC 20 tokens.

You can set up an account and replenish it with the help of fiat currency just in a few clicks and the procedure for confirming the identity is simple and understandable to the average user.

All assets of Aximetria users are stored on servers that are additionally protected by post-quantum cryptography, and you can close the account and withdraw all assets at any time.

“This year it has become obvious that the stability of stable coin is determined by the availability of an appropriate legal framework. For several years now, along with other companies, we have been advising the Maltese government on the regulation of cryptocurrency and the classification of new types of financial assets. It is important for us not only to develop the EURS project, but also to use our knowledge and experience to create a business-oriented state infrastructure that is convenient not only for our clients and partners, but also for the entire blockchain community, and we are very pleased that Aximetria shares our views. ”

“Traditional financial institutions have their advantages, but they are too conservative in matters of working with cryptoactive assets and remote customer service. At Aximetria, we are opening the first easily accessible financial service in Switzerland for working with digital assets and the main thing for us is to meet the needs of users and offer them convenient tools of need and convenience. ”