Analysis of the cryptocurrency market 09/26/2018

Bitcoin spent most of the day below the control price of a high volume area. This indicates slightly more active sellers than buyers. Players of higher time orders are still few in the market, so today a neutral scenario is most likely (although some news may prevent it).

ETHER (ETH / USD) slightly went beyond the boundaries of the neutral scenario, but this did not bring any global changes. The cryptocurrency remains in the high-volume area.

A test in the direction of $ 201 was bought out, so today bears can wait for higher levels before launching an attack. In any case, their goals remain the same – the lower limit of the region ($ 201), CC $ 196 and at least September 17 ($ 192).

Trading on the cryptocurrency market is associated with high risk and is not suitable for all investors. The above analysis should not be construed as a recommendation / call to action. Each trader is required to independently assess the risks, taking into account their financial position. The author and are not responsible for any damages.